BRAMS: Belgian RAdio Meteor Stations

On August 30, the day before the start of the IMC 2023 conference, we organized a workshop dedicated to radio and radar observations of meteors. This was in part motivated by bringing experts together to discuss about future observations with the BRAMS network and what can be achieved with the BRAMS data, but also in part as a tribute to the nice meteor radio school which was held during the last IMC organized in Oostmalle, Belgium, in 2005.  Below you can find the program and the presentations given during this workshop.

Detailed program

Hervé Lamy General description of the BRAMS network
Gunter Stober Meteor radar concepts for monostatic, multistatic, and forward scatter - velocity measurements, orbit determination, and radiant mapping
Johan Kero / Daniel Kastinen HPLA vs specular meteor radar observations
Johan Kero Meteor flux discussion
Chris Steyaert Three notes about head echoes: Meteor trajectories from head echoes, velocity from single head echo, and 'why no head echoes with negative Doppler'
François Colas Status of the FRIPON radio network
Chris Steyaert Meteor detection on radio spectrograms by means of computer vision
Hervé Lamy Observability Function of the BRAMS network – Status
Christian Steyaert Combined determination of stream activity and OF
Hiroshi Ogawa Activity Level Index and radio ZHRr
Gunter Stober Meteor radar wind measurements - mathematical concepts, biases, and implementation strategies
Peter Brown Optical – radar detections with CMOR/CAMO
Véronika Barta Impact of individual meteors on the midlatitude ionosphere during the Leonids and Geminids meteor showers, 2019

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