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[2021-04-22]Boxes sent to 3 test schools in the frame of MOMSTER

Yesterday we packed and sent all the material of the MOMSTER kits for 3 test schools (2 in Flanders, 1 in Wallonia). We look forward to their feedback and observations.

[2021-04-09]From STEM to STEAM : the place of art in sciences

When you mingle “STEM” disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with art, you obtain a STEAM project, such as, e.g. the MOMSTER project. MOMSTER has recently launched an art and design contest, open to students of secondary schools from every year and orientation. Ideal to stay busy during the Easter break.

The mission consists in creating an artwork and/or a sketch on the theme of meteors and/or the radio detection of meteors. The winning project will be used to decorate the MOMSTER boxes to transport the material to schools

Deadline of the contest: 2 May 2021.
More details (FR) : Concours scientifique et artistique pour les adolescents
More details (NL): Wetenschap- en kunstwedstrijd voor tieners

[2021-04-09] New BRAMS station at the Planetarium in Brussels

Following our collaboration with the Planetarium in the frame of the MOMSTER project, we have installed a new BRAMS station at the Planetarium on April 9. This is the 37th active BRAMS station in total.

Examples of spectrograms recorded in the first few hours are shown below:

In the future, plans are to show the data live to the public and provide some educational material about meteors, their radio detection and BRAMS.

[2021-03-26]PhD position

The website is currently undergoing a rejuvenation. Many sections will be updated and this news section will become more dynamic.

Let’s start first with some excellent news: we are hiring a PhD student for 4 years to work on BRAMS data. The details of the application procedure can be found here.